The perfect spot

The wind blows side-onshore and allows safe kitesurfing even for beginners. At low tide there is a shallow lagoon formed by a sand bank. The conditions are therefore suitable for beginners as well as for advanced kiters who want to improve their skills under best conditions. When it becomes increasingly choppy by the incoming tide, waves with up to 1.5m are found offshore the sand bank.

From July to December wind blows almost every day with 17 to 25 knots. Rarely and only for a few hours the wind exceeds 30 knots. Kites with 9 to 11 m² (80 kg rider) you will fly the most, 8 m² or smaller on selected days.

A special event is the Full Moon Kitesession, which will take place under safe conditions and own responsibility. Only for experienced kiter with own material.
Downwinder between 10km to 30km are organized by the kiteschool.

A kiteboarding school under Brazilian/German administration is a 12 minutes walk away.